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20000908: Unidata McIDAS 7.7

>From: Kevin Fitch <address@hidden>
>Organization: University of Maryland
>Keywords: 200009082131.e88LVSN06214 McIDAS-X 7.70


>I recently went to your ftp site and found that there is a directory
>/unix/770 that would supposedly house mcidas v7.7 but this directory only
>seems to contain information about 7.7, but not the actual program.

Right.  I am in the process of putting together our 7.70 release.

>I wanted to know if this is a mistake or if the actual program will be
>released soon?

I hope to release this reasonably soon.

>The CHANGES file has a date of 20000831 at the top,
>indicating that the program has been release. If it is still to be
>released could you let me know what the time frame will be?

I had targeted my release for August 31, but I missed this deadline due
to a number of code changes that were taking more time than I had
anticipated.  I am also revamping all of the McIDAS web pages in
preparation for this release, so things are taking quite a bit of effort.

I see that you are not on the Unidata McIDAS-X email list,
address@hidden  If you subscribe to this list through:


you will receive my announcement when 7.70 is ready for download.

>Kevin Fitch
>UMCP Department of Meteorology Webmaster

Tom Yoksas

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