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20000901: McIDAS ADDE and port 503 (cont.)

>From: "Thomas L. Mote" <address@hidden>
>Organization: University of Georgia
>Keywords: 200008130142.e7D1gkN00099 McIDAS-X ADDE port 503


>I have finally been told by our network operations people 
>that port 503 has *never* been blocked. Here's what I have 
>I "decommissioned" our SPARC 20 (cacimbo) in favor of the 
>dual Pentium machine (formerly sirocco). I have renamed 
>sirocco to cacimbo to avoid reconfiguring about 20 other 
>machines in the department. 
>This morning, I tried to telnet from another machine to the 
>"new" cacimbo on port 500. It seemed to work. I then tried 
>503, connection refused. For the heck of it, I tried adding 
>a 503/udp entry to the services file and rebooted. (I had 
>rebooted a couple of times for other reasons since 
>originally running the mcinet shell script and checking the 
>services file, so I'm sure the tcp entry was recognized.) I 
>then tried to telnet using port 503 and it worked. I have 
>no idea why, or even that the udp entry had anything to do 
>with it (it probably shouldn't). Anyway, port 503 should 
>now be accessible.

I pointed at cacimbo for compressed RTIMAGES access (port 503) and
was successful in listing and displaying imagery back here in Boulder.

By the way, I don't understand why you had to create a 503/udp
entry in /etc/services to get the port 503 stuff to work.  This is
a puzzler.

>I am having a strange problem with ADDE. It seems to work 
>fine with my client systems unless I do a "DSINFO ALL" on 
>my server. It lists everything but eventually gives me some 
>sort of TCP error on the NIDS stuff. (Which I don't 
>receive, so that may be part of the problem.) If I try to 
>run "DSINFO ALL" again, it only shows the "local" files. 
>Any thoughts?

Not off the top of my head.  I just logged onto cacimbo and saw this
error for myself.  I have never seen this before, but, after some
code diving, I see that it is coming from mcserv.  I will have
to look into this one.

>I also have not made the changes that you made on the Sun 
>to actually serve the NOAAport GINI imagery through ADDE. 
>(Sorry, just haven't been able to get to it.)

While on cacimbo, I decided to take a quick look at where your GINI
images are (/data/goeseast).  This is the same as the old cacimbo
setup, so it looked like the only thing that was missing was the
ADDE definitions of the GOES-East GINI data, so I added them by:

cd workdata

I then removed the definitions for the GOES-West datasets by editing
RESOLV.SRV and removing the Alaska, Hawaii, and GOES-West groups from
RTGINI.  I also added entries for the LI (lifted index), PW
(precipitable water), ST (surface temperature) and CTP (cloud top
pressure) GINI products (/data/goeseast/TIGN16, .. TIGN27).

I am able to list and display your GINI images back here at Unidata
with no apparent problems.

>else is working, as far as I can tell. I'm quite happy with 
>this. I have been using that Sun machine since late 
>94/early 95, so this is a big accomplishment (by my 
>standards) to get a new system under a new OS set up and 

Sounds good.  If you are going to be putting your Linux box to heavy
ADDE use, then you will probably want to make a change to your
/etc/inetd.conf file.  This modification is discussed in the Notes and
Warnings section of the online McIDAS documentation:


Go the section on Linux, and look at the comments about inetd
configuration modifications.

>Anyway, you might want to try accessing the "new" cacimbo 
>using port 503.

Did it, and it works nicely.

>I have a lab that will be 
>accessing the data until about 10:30a.m. mountain time, so 
>you might want to wait until after that if you want to 

Oops, I didn't read down far enough to see this.  I hope that my
logging on and setting up the RTGINI stuff did not have any ill
effects.  I don't think that it should have, but you never know.

>Thanks for all your help!

You are welcome.


>From address@hidden Fri Sep  1 12:54:32 2000
>Subject: Re: 20000901: McIDAS ADDE and port 503 (cont.)


I made the changes to the inetd.conf file. There appears to 
be a lot of other junk in the services that I will want to 
shut down. I'll need to talk to our computing people about 
security for LINUX. 

I can't say for sure that the udp entry was what made the 
difference, but I think it was the only thing I changed 
between unsuccessful and successful attempts to telnet to 
503. Let me know if you learn anything about the DSINFO 

Thanks again.


P.S. No problems with your being on during my class. ;-)

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