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20000830: converting latitude and longitude

Hello Tom:

Tom I can successfully read mcidas a McIDAS area file outside of Mcidas.

I want to do the following all outside of mcidas:

1) read a goes image
2) have user enter a latitude,longitude
3) then convert that latitude,longitude to a file coordinate.

If I have an image already loaded step 3 is easy. I use itvll or is it illtv.

Either routine, but it looks to me that if I am running out of mcidas I have
no such routine. I will probably have to us mcanav or maybe navinit, etc.
I will look at the program "imgremap.k" for my template.

Question: Is there a simple routine like "itvll" that will convert
to file or image coordinates and doesn't requiring making all the other calls?

Thank you Tom,

>From address@hidden Wed Aug 30 15:43:16 2000

I was being lazy when I asked my last question. I will just play with nvset,

I think that is the way to go!

If I get stuck I will get back to you and then ask questions:

Thank you,

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