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20000808: Converting AVHRR data to AREA form with conlev1b.c (cont.)

>From:  "Larry D. Oolman" <address@hidden>
>Organization:  University of Wyoming
>Keywords:  200008081721.e78HLUT05601 McIDAS-X conlev1b.c


re: conlev1b.c
>Thanks for the code.  It compiled fine.  Unfortunately it only works on
>NOAA-15 and later satellites (AVHRR/3) and the data I have is NOAA-12.

Can it be modified to support NOAA-12?  If so, and if you make the mods,
I will roll them into the version that will go into 7.7.

BTW, Where are you getting your NOAA-12 data (SAA)?

>So when is 7.7 scheduled to be released?

The version of conlev1b.c you have will be the one in 7.7, so I trust
that you are not hoping for something more.

As to when, as soon as possible.  Unfortunately, that will probably not
be until the end of August.  Converting the datastream put a kink in
my development schedule (sigh).  By the way, I saw that you downloaded
the 7.6.3 source version of ldm-mcidas.  I trust that you got everything
built, installed, and configured with no problems.  One thing that you
may want to modify in pnga2area.c (this mod is in the 7.6.4 release)
is remove the udebug call that comes before system logging is setup
(comment it out or delete the line).

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