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20000804: mcidas mapping (cont.)

>From: David Fitzgerald <address@hidden>
>Organization: Millersville University of Pennsylvania
>Keywords: 200008031759.e73HxiT13264 McIDAS MCGUI MAP VIRT9300


>Sorry about that, there was a typo in my /etc/system file.  Its fixed now and 
>you should be able to run mcidas on breeze now.

OK, I can start a session with 17 480x640 frames, but the MCGUI still is
unable to reparent the McIDAS image window when running displays back
to the UPC (I don't understand this, by the way, since I can do this on a
variety of links that are slower than the one to breeze).

Could you do the following and report back the results:

o login to breeze as the test user
o start a McIDAS-X session as follows:

  mcidas config

  This will come up with the MCGUI as the default; accept it by simply
  starting a session.

o I added REDIRECTions so this account could find imagery ingested from
  the Unidata-Wisconsin datastream, so you should be able to do some
  image displays and loops from the MCGUI.

o open the GUI command mode by pressing the mouse button-1 (left button)
  while over the keyboard icon on the MCGUI (top row of buttons)

o move the GUI command window out of the way, and then use the MCGUI to
  display an image where the wrong map is displayed.  The commands that
  are run, and their textual output will be shown in the GUI command
  window.  Please send this output to me with an indication of whether
  or not the correct image was displayed and whether or not the correct
  map was displayed on top of the image.

No need for thanks until we solve this problem :-)


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