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20000801: Old OS/2 McIdas System (cont.)

>From: "E. A. Ripley" <address@hidden>
>Organization: University of Saskatchewan
>Keywords: 200008011914.e71JEFT24329 McIDAS-OS2 issues


>Thanks for the info, Tom. I think I will close it down for now. It may be
>that when they find a replacement for me, that person will want to get new
>equipment and get it going again but, until then, it's sayonara, pardner!

OK.  I believe that Don told you that you could probably keep the OS/2
machine working by accessing McIDAS data through ADDE.  This way, you
wouldn't have to ingest/decode any data.  You would, however, have to
update your procedures for kicking off processing to create displays
and upgrade whatever scripts you use (McIDAS BATCH and/or McBASI) scripts
to use ADDE commands in stead of non-ADDE commands.  What I don't know,
however, is what version of McIDAS you are running.  I am guessing that
it must be something like 7.1, but I am just not sure.

Did you ever talk with Don about ADDE?  It is very cool especially for
sites that have difficulty receiving the fire hose of data that is
now available through the IDD.  If you have any interest in this at all,
I can show you a couple of things that may whet your appetite for doing
a little bit of work to keep your displays active.  Please let me know.

>By the way, my son and I are planning to do some mountain biking out of the
>Denver area this fall and take in the International Beer Festival as well.

Well, I always serve at the Great American Beer Festival, so I might see
you there.  Also, if you are in the neighborhood, it would be great if
you dropped in to say hello.


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