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20000726: McIDAS-X installation at Western Michigan (cont.)

>From: "Leonard J. Peirce" <address@hidden>
>Organization: UCAR/Unidata
>Keywords: 200007181435.e6IEZAT22632 McIDAS-X -XCD LDM ldm-mcidas intall


>The network problems we've been experiencing apparently still haven't
>been resolved.  I tested these ports today and they worked ok.  But
>now I can't touch the machine at all.

Hmm...  As part of the tests I ran earlier, I logged onto s418 and tried
the telnet to port 500 from there.  Since that didn't work, I assumed
that the problem probably had something to do with the services setup.

>I'll talk to our network people *again* tomorrow.

OK.  I'll give things another test tomorrow.


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