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20000725: McIDAS-X installation at Western Michigan (cont.)

>From: "John D. Tucker" <address@hidden>
>Organization: UCAR/Unidata
>Keywords: 200007181435.e6IEZAT22632 McIDAS-X -XCD LDM ldm-mcidas intall


>We are (as I believe you know) an NIS+ site.


>Leonard Peirce (our resident
>NIS expert) is having trouble getting the appropriate substitutings for 
>inetd.conf properly configured.

I believe that he could set the entries in /etc/inetd.conf and /etc/services
by running the shell script mcinet7.6.sh, which is located in the HOME
directory for the user 'mcidas' as follows:

<login as root>
cd /home7/ldm/mcidas
sh mcinet7.6.sh install mcadde

>He has examined the script (for non-NIS
>installations) but wants to make sure that he analysis is correct


>If you have it available, please send to Leonard an example
>"inetd.conf" with the substitutions in place.  For reasons of speed,
>please respond directly to address@hidden

Here are /etc/inetd.conf and /etc/services entries from our Solaris SPARC
5.6 machine:

inetd.conf (the white spaces are tabs everywhere except after the -H!!!):

mcserv  stream  tcp     nowait  mcadde  /home/mcidas/bin/mcservsh       
mcservsh        -H /home/mcidas
mccompress      stream  tcp     nowait  mcadde  /home/mcidas/bin/mcservsh       
/home/mcidas/bin/mcservsh       -H /home/mcidas


mcserv          500/tcp                         # McIDAS ADDE port
mccompress      503/tcp                         # McIDAS ADDE compression port

Here are our /etc/inetd.conf entries when using TCP wrappers:

mcserv  stream  tcp     nowait  mcadde  /usr/sbin/tcpd  
/home/mcidas/bin/mcservsh       -H /home/mcidas
mccompress      stream  tcp     nowait  mcadde  /usr/sbin/tcpd  
/home/mcidas/bin/mcservsh       -H /home/mcidas

I took a quick look at the commented out /etc/inetd.conf entries on s418.
I note that the user is specified as 'root' in the mcserv line; this
should be 'mcadde'.  I further note that the mccompress line is truncated.

>Thank you.

You are welcome.

Tom Yoksas

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