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20000720: McIDAS-X installation at Western Michigan (cont.)

>From: address@hidden
>Organization: Western Michigan
>Keywords: 200007181435.e6IEZAT22632 McIDAS-X -XCD LDM ldm-mcidas intall


re: increase of shared memory to 512 MB on lab2 subnet machines
>John is gone until Monday.  I'll try to update the config for shared memory

OK, I'll be around if you have any questions.  The web page I cited
in a previous email has the procedure necessary to modify shared memory
on Sun Solaris machines, so I don't think my input will be needed.

>How many machines need to run McIDAS-X?

I am assuming that Elen will be using most/all of the machines in the
lab come fall semester.

>If it need to run on more than
>just s418 (I assume it needs to be run on several machines so the students
>can use it?) then I'll have to add the shared memory updates to all of
>the hosts in the lab.

This would probably be a good idea.

>Be aware that several of the machines in that lab are old and don't much
>memory and swap space.  512Mb could be a problem for them.  The Ultra 10's
>in the lab should be ok.

Again, the change in shared memory configuration does not impact the
machines unless someone tries to use it.  If you want to be totally
on the save side (probably not necessary), you could increase shared
memory to the combined size of RAM and swap.

re: ADDE remote server user, 'mcadde'

>We don't create accounts that share the same userid.

The user id is different; the home directory is the same.

>It causes too many
>problems for file ownership, disk quotas, etc.  I'll point the mcadde
>home directory to mcidas with a symbolic link.

OK, this should work.

>The accounts for mcidas,
>ldm, and mcadde all share the same group (ldm) so group write permissions
>should be all that is needed.

Right.  I should have said that explicitly.

>I'll *try* to get this done today.  Two of my guys are gone for the rest
>of the week and we're fighting network problems, part of which are in
>Wood Hall.

Thanks for the help.  I am sure that Elen will be most appreciative.

I will include you on my email to John T. about the things that need
to be done as 'root' for the LDM installation.


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