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20000719: McIDAS-X installation at Western Michigan (cont.)

>From: "John D. Tucker" <address@hidden>
>Organization: Western Michigan
>Keywords: 200007181435.e6IEZAT22632 McIDAS-X -XCD LDM ldm-mcidas intall


After you increased the disk quota for 'mcidas', I was able to finish
building and installing McIDAS-X.  I exercised McIDAS-X in several
different ways and am convinced that the code is ready to be used.

There are a few tasks left to do, however.  Here goes:

1) 'root' needs to increase the amount of shared memory on all machines
   that will run McIDAS-X.  Guidelines for doing this can be found in:
   Unidata McIDAS
     Unidata McIDAS-X HomePage
       Unidata McIDAS-X Installation Instructions
         Initial Preparations
           Preparing the Workstation

   Each machine will need to be rebooted after the shared memory modification
   is made.

   The recommended amount of shared memroy for Sun Solaris machines is
   512 MB.  Please don't let this number scare you.  Increasing it does
   not consume system resources by itself, but it will allow for several
   simultaneous McIDAS-X sessions with a number of large frames.

2) the McIDAS remote ADDE server needs to be setup.  The instructions on
   the McIDAS web pages are for systems not using NIS/NIS+.  Since you are
   running NIS, you will have to make the modifications a different way.

   Basically, the configurations needed are:

   o define port 500 and 503 services for McIDAS-X
   o define inetd.conf entries for the port 500 and 503 services

   On systems not running NIS, the procedure for 'root' setting up the ADDE
   remote server is:

   o create a 'mcadde' account that has the same HOME directory as
     the user 'mcidas', but has as its default SHELL /bin/false
     (the 'mcadde' account does not have login privilege).  I see that
     the 'mcadde' account already exists, but its HOME directory is
     not the same as 'mcidas'.  This should be changed.

   o cd ~mcidas
     sh ./mcinet7.6.sh install mcadde

     The mcinet7.6.sh shell script adds entries to /etc/inetd.conf and  
     /etc/services and then sends a HUP to inetd (so it will reread

   You or someone else there that is NIS literate (something that I can
   not claim to be) needs to accomplish the equivalents of this on

3) the ~mcidas/ directories need to be readable and writable by both
   the users 'ldm' and 'mcadde'.

I will address LDM installation issues in separate emails.


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