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20000627: GOES VIS calibration constants (more information)

>From: Jimmy Adegoke <address@hidden>
>Organization: Penn State
>Keywords: 200006271916.e5RJGgT14015 McIDAS GOES-8 VIS calibration


On June 27 you requested information on finding the calibration constants
for converting GOES-8 VIS brightness to albedo:

>I'm need to find the calibration constants for converting GOES 8 VIS
>brightness to albedo. The equation I'm using for the conversion is:
>A = (aB*B + b)/IcosE
>where   a, b and I are calibration constants
>       B = brightness value
>       E = solar elevation angle
>I have the calibration constants for GOES 7. They are 0.00539 W/meter sq.
>for a, -2.67 W/meter sq. for b and 336 W/meter sq. for I, respectively.
>Can someone kindly point me to where I can get similar constants for 
>GOES 8 ?

I just received an additional web page inforation from SSEC on this

  Awhile back I think you were asking about GOES calibration tables. Here
  is the page I was looking for:


I hope that this helps.

Tom Yoksas

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