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20000711: Unidata-Wisconsin datastream additions: CIMSS products (final notice)

>From: Gilbert Sebenste <address@hidden>
>Organization: NIU
>Keywords: 200007111543.e6BFhdT26471 McIDAS-X CIMSS Fkey


>>      Cloud Top Pressure
>>      Precipitable Water
>>      Sea Surface Temperature
>>      Lifted Index
>>      CAPE
>>      Ozone

>Can this be added to the UNIDATA.MNU? Just a suggestion. Thanks!

The will be in the 7.70 release.

While I have your attention (I was going to send a separate email) I want
to let you know that the SCD/Unidata machine that you are currently loading
GINI imagery off of, adde.ucar.edu (an alias for motherlode.ucar.edu) will
be having its IP address changed in the near time frame.  I will send
you note when the change happens; there is nothing to do now.  ADDE
service to the machine will be interrupted until:

o name servers caches are updated with the new IP address; how long this
  will take depends on which name server you are going through and
  how quickly it will notice that there has been a change

o you reissue a 'DATALOC ADD RTGINI adde.ucar.edu'

I'll be in touch later with more on the change.


>From address@hidden Tue Jul 11 16:13:37 2000

re: upcoming IP change to motherlode

>Great. Thanks! Just remind me of the command again, and I should be fine.
>Love the imagery!

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