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20000706: ROUTE PostProcess BATCH files in CIMSS routing table entries

>From: Eirh-Yu Hsie <address@hidden>
>Organization: CU/CIRES
>Keywords: 200007062204.e66M4YT28939 McIDAS-X ROUTE.SYS CIMSS ROUTE PP BATCH


>Where is the .BAT files needed for post-processing in ROUTE (added by 
>ROUTE ADD CA AREA 1100 1109 CC=3 SYS=2173 2174 2175 PP=CTP.BAT "Cloud Top Pres
> su
>ROUTE ADD CB AREA 1110 1119 CC=3 SYS=2176 2177 2178 PP=PW.BAT "Precipitable Wa
> te
>ROUTE ADD CC AREA 1120 1129 CC=3 SYS=2179 2180 2181 PP=SST.BAT "Sea Sfc. Tempe
> ra
>ROUTE ADD CD AREA 1130 1139 CC=3 SYS=2182 2183 2184 PP=LI.BAT "Lifted Index
>ROUTE ADD CE AREA 1140 1149 CC=3 SYS=2185 2186 2187 PP=CAPE.BAT "CAPE
>ROUTE ADD CF AREA 1150 1159 CC=3 SYS=2188 2189 2190 PP=OZONE.BAT "Ozone

There are none.  I put the PP=batch_file entries in the routing table
setup so that users that wanted to do PostProcessing would not have to
modify the routing table entries as they developed the BATCH files.
The fact that these BATCH files don't exist does not cause a problem
(other than an indication that the file(s) were not found ) on users'
systems.  If you want to do some postprocessing, all you have to do
is write the BATCH file(s) and make sure that they are located in
the MCPATH of the user running the PostProcess (typically the ~mcidas/data


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