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20000629: update procedure fails on RedHat 6.2 (cont.)

>From: Gilbert Sebenste <address@hidden>
>Organization: NIU
>Keywords: 200006292025.e5TKPxT08346 McIDAS-X 7.6 update RedHat 6.2 Linux tar

re: installing from scratch
>Good. Since I am adding David Bukowski to this discussion (see below),
>he will be happy to know that he can build McIDAS from source and from
>binary, but can't do an update on RH 6.2 for now (due to an option in the
>"tar" program not being availebale anymore in 6.2).

Right.  I guess that I will update mcunpack to create links in
~mcidas/mcidas7.x/update to ../src, ../data, ../tcl, ../netcdf, etc.
Or, I could change the script to CD to the parent directory of update
and do the zcat and tar from there.  The only problem with this
approach that it doesn't work for users that don't use mcunpack.

>David Bukowski is the new person (address@hidden). Great guy and
>knows his stuff. He gets me out of jams quite a bit!


re: I now have a 6.2 platform to test on
>Great! I assume you will allow COD's new machine access to the ADDE
>server (or Plymouth college).

Yes, of course.  As a matter of fact, how about you switching to
feed from adde.ucar.edu.  This is a new machine that has been installed
in the NCAR/SCD machine room.  It will be used as an LDM distribution
node (take over from thelma); as an ADDE server for McIDAS data; as a
DODS server; as a JAVA RMI server (future); and as a port for free
access to NCAR's Mass Store.

>Wait until they see the images I use from
>you on a regular basis. As much as NOAAPORT goes down, I still think the
>feed is worlds (maybe a universe) above FOS. They'll love the 1 KM pix!
>When the time is right, Dave, you can email address@hidden for
>the McIDAS password to d/l it; you already have the license to download
>it, but it's the install that's the tough part.

Actually, the installation of McIDAS-X is pretty easy as long as the
online instructions are followed.  Things only get difficult when
the instructions are taken as loose guidelines.  This can be done, of
course, but you have to understand a lot more about how things work.

>Thanks Tom! Looking forward to 7.7 in July. Will that be a quick
>"unpack" too, or will I have to "start over"?

The earliest that 7.7 could be released is the end of July.  Sometime in
August is more likely, however.  I have a lot of work to do to update
routines to use the new ADDE definition services in 7.7 (makes life
easier); update the training workshop materials; update the online
documentation; and _finally_ ADDEize the Unidata MCGUI.  Now that
I think about it, perhaps I can have all of the work done by November :-)



>From address@hidden Fri Jun 30 15:42:44 2000
>Subject: Re: 20000629: update procedure fails on RedHat 6.2 (cont.) 

>Oops, I forgot to say...I am know getting the 1 KM images from
>adde.ucar.edu. Looks good and it is FAST!

>From address@hidden Fri Jun 30 15:42:44 2000
>Subject: Re: 20000629: update procedure fails on RedHat 6.2 (cont.) 

re: Welcome to David Bukowski

>He knows his stuff. Hopefully he can join me at the workshops in (I
>think?) October. I guess I didn't tell you...I got money for my second
>year to travel for personal growth. I will be going to the AMS Severe
>Local Storms conf. in September, and then UNIDATA (hiya!) in
>October. Looking forward to finally meeting you in person after 9 years!

re: adde.ucar.edu activities

>DODS? RMI? Mass Store? Huh?!?

re: McIDAS-X installation is easy if you follow the instructions

>Great! Well, I'm sure he'll start tight, and then get loose! :-)
re: McIDAS-X 7.7 release

>Take care! Looking forward to it. 7.6 is awesome now for satellite

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