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20000622: GINI to AREA converter

>From:  David Braaten <address@hidden>
>Organization:  University of Kansas
>Keywords:  200006221517.e5MFHeT21731 McIDAS-X GINI AREA


>We're looking for a converter that will take GINI format satellite data
>files and create AREA files. I asked Matt Lazzara about this, but he
>suggested I contact you.  Has your group developed such a program, and
>if so, can we use it?

I have developed and deployed in recent addenda to Unidata McIDAS ADDE
servers for imagery data in GINI format.  With these servers, a conversion
of a file from GINI to AREA is as simple as an IMGCOPY from a GINI
dataset to an AREA dataset.  The conversion is implicit in the server
transaction process.  Of course, the direct access to imagery in
GINI format allows Unidata McIDAS-X users to view/manipulate/animate/etc
the data directly.

Here is some information to pass along to whoever at UK is responsible
for installing/updating Unidata McIDAS:

Unidata McIDAS-X Home Page
    March 29, 2000 Addenda
    March 31, 2000 Addenda

>Thanks for your help.

You are welcome.  Please let whoever needs to setup the ADDE access to
GINI imagery that I am standing by to lend a hand if/when needed.

>David Braaten
>David A. Braaten
>Associate Professor
>1082 Malott Hall
>Department of Physics and Astronomy
>University of Kansas
>Lawrence, KS 66045
>Phone: 785-864-3801
>Fax: 785-864-5262
>E-mail: address@hidden

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