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20000612: Unidata McIDAS v7.7 upgrade

>From: "Loftus, Maryellen E." <address@hidden>
>Organization: TASC
>Keywords: 200006121236.e5CCaOT10620 Unidata McIDAS Version 7.70

Mary Ellen,

>   What is the projected availability date of the Unidata version of
>the latest version of SSEC McIDAS (McIDAS v7.7)?

I hope to have my release ready by the end of July.  I have the basics working
now, but intend to work on several pieces of code that I add to the
SSEC distribution before the release.

>We are
>running Dec-Alphas (Compaq) and would like to upgrade to v7.7 this month.

I could give you the basic code set and you could upgrad later if time
is really pressing, but some things will not be done.

>We have directions, provided by you, on how do modify the SSEC software so
>that we can compile on the alphas for McIDAS v7.6, but we were curious to
>know if there are further changes we'd need to make due to this latest

I can't answer that yet since I have only built on Sun Solaris SPARC and
x86.  As soon as I add the XCD component to my release, I will be making
the compilation rounds to all of the systems I support (Sun, SGI, IBM AIX,
HP-UX 11.0, DEC Alpha, RedHat Linux, and FreeBSD).

>   Also, I know work is being done to make Unidata McIDAS ADDE compliant. 
>Is there a projected finish date?  

I hope to have something workable by my projected release date.

>   Thanks so much for you help.

Sorry I couldn't get to your note sooner than this, but we are putting on
a users workshop at the moment so things are kind of hectic.


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