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20000525: displayed image navigation

>From: David Fitzgerald <address@hidden>
>Organization: Millersville University of Pennsylvania
>Keywords: 200005251529.e4PFTAT21216 McIDAS-X MAP navigation registration


>Strange thing going on when loading images on McIDAS.   Regardless of
>the image I load, whether it be NIDS, or any of the satellite or
>composite images, the map that is being overlaid on the image is
>incorrect.  It is always the same map, and looks like a  GOES-E
>satellite map, however even when I load a GOES-E image, the map is not
>aligned properly with the image.  I tried deleteing .mcidasrc and .mctmp
>bu that didn't seem to help.
>What should I look for to find the problem?

You don't say how you go about displaying the image before running into
the problem.  There are two distinct possibilities:

o you are displaying images and using a VIRTual graphic as the overlay
  for the map

o you are loading the images and then running MAP to put the map on

The first instance can be an indication of running from the Fkey or MCGUI
menus.  In this case, it is likely that a VIRTual graphic file that is
being used is not one that has write permission for the user doing the
display.  This would be the case if the VIRT file existed in a directory
in the user's MCPATH but was owned by a different user so that the read/write
permissions would only allow reads.  The way to check for VIRT files like
this is to use DMAP from the user's McIDAS-X session:


Look through the list and verify that each VIRT file is writable by the
user trying to put maps on top of images.

The second situation is an indication that one of the transitory files
that McIDAS uses on a per-session basis exists in a MCPATH directory.
If this is the case, that file must be deleted before things will return
to normal.  To check this situation, you should use the DMAP command
from the user's McIDAS-X session to find out where that file is found:

DMAP *.001

If the list that comes back has files with the '.001' suffix in any directory
other than one under .mctmp, then those files must be deleted.  Here is
the output from these commands on a properly running system:

DMAP *.001
---- --------- ------------ ------------ ---------
-rw-     58752 May 25 07:03 FRAMENH.001  /home/mcidas/.mctmp/42240
-rw-     45056 May 25 06:52 TERMCHAR.001 /home/mcidas/.mctmp/42240
103808 bytes in 2 files

---- --------- ------------ ------------- ---------
-rw-      2181 Jun 07  1999 FO14DEC.CFG   /home/mcidas/workdata
-rw-       772 Jun 04  1999 FONTNAME.DAT  /home/mcidas/data
-rw-     31665 Jun 04  1999 FOUS14.DAT    /home/mcidas/data
-rw-      1644 Jul 11  1999 FRAME.PROG    /home/mcidas/data
-rw-      1981 Jul 11  1999 FRAMECUR.PROG /home/mcidas/data
-rw-     58752 May 25 07:03 FRAMENH.001   /home/mcidas/.mctmp/42240
-rw-      3072 May 25 07:03 Frame1.0      /home/mcidas/.mctmp/42240
-rw-      3072 May 25 06:52 Frame10.0     /home/mcidas/.mctmp/42240
-rw-      3072 May 25 06:52 Frame11.0     /home/mcidas/.mctmp/42240
-rw-      3072 May 25 06:52 Frame12.0     /home/mcidas/.mctmp/42240
-rw-      3072 May 25 06:52 Frame13.0     /home/mcidas/.mctmp/42240
-rw-      3072 May 25 06:52 Frame14.0     /home/mcidas/.mctmp/42240
-rw-      3072 May 25 06:52 Frame15.0     /home/mcidas/.mctmp/42240
-rw-      3072 May 25 06:52 Frame16.0     /home/mcidas/.mctmp/42240
-rw-      3072 May 25 06:52 Frame17.0     /home/mcidas/.mctmp/42240
-rw-      3072 May 25 06:52 Frame2.0      /home/mcidas/.mctmp/42240
-rw-      3072 May 25 06:52 Frame3.0      /home/mcidas/.mctmp/42240
-rw-      3072 May 25 06:52 Frame4.0      /home/mcidas/.mctmp/42240
-rw-      3072 May 25 06:52 Frame5.0      /home/mcidas/.mctmp/42240
-rw-      3072 May 25 06:52 Frame6.0      /home/mcidas/.mctmp/42240
-rw-      3072 May 25 06:52 Frame7.0      /home/mcidas/.mctmp/42240
-rw-      3072 May 25 06:52 Frame8.0      /home/mcidas/.mctmp/42240
-rw-      3072 May 25 06:52 Frame9.0      /home/mcidas/.mctmp/42240
149219 bytes in 23 files

The files from the 'DMAP F*.*' list that are not a problem are the ones
that have a non-numerical suffix.

The 'FrameN.M' files are the frame directory for each frame in your session.
These files contain the navigation for the frame, so I am betting that
if the second option is the problem, then one or more FrameN.M files will
be found by DMAP in a directory in the user's MCPATHB _other_ than the
directory under .mctmp.

>David Fitzgerald   
>System Administrator            Phone: (717) 871-2394  
>Millersville University        Fax: (717) 871-4725 
>Millersville, PA 17551                 E-mail: address@hidden

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