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20000518: MCGUI configuration (cont.)

>From: alan anderson <address@hidden>
>Organization: St. Cloud State
>Keywords: 200005172010.e4HKAp409087 McIDAS-X MCGUI configuration 


re: login to troubleshoot

>The machine(s) in question are the student use terminals, not waldo.
>I have not looked at the Gui on waldo since we seldom run mcidas on it.
>I specifically keep our students locked off from it as it is our ingest 


>Machine in question is ...

Thanks.  I logged onto the machine both as 'mcidas' and as a student
and three things that contributed to problems:

o there were three files in the student's mcidas/data directory that should
  not be there: FRAMED.001, TERMCHAR.001, and GRAPHICS.  These fiels
  are created on a per-session basis and kept in a subdirectory of the
  users .mctmp directory.  I removed them in a cleanup effort.

o there are REDIRECTions for ASUS1* and FSUS2* in the user's
  mcidas/data/LWPATH.NAM pointing to /var/data/ldm/surface/front.  Since
  there is no such directpory, I removed the REDIRECTions.  You may want
  to edit the LOCAL.NAM copy of EXAMPLE.NAM in the ~mcidas/data directory
  and remove these REDIRECTions there (so new users will not run into
  the same problem).

o I found a bug in ~mcidas/bin/upcguiprocs.tcl that was causing plots/contours
  to be put on the current frame instead of on the frame specified by
  the various McIDAS strings (e.g., ?SFRM, ?UFRM, ?NFRM, ?PFRM).  I
  am simply amazed that I never ran into this problem before.  I guess
  that it just goes to show that I always overlay analyses on top of
  satellite images.  

So, the copy of upcguiprocs on in the ~mcidas/bin directory
has the fix for the problem you have been seeing.  You should propogate
this module to your other machines running McIDAS-X.

>I will check waldo also, but for now it is not the problem.

>From address@hidden Thu May 18 10:05:02 2000

>I snooped around on waldo and have the same problem trying 
>to telnet in to waldo from other machines here.  Looked at 
>the help stuff installed for Solaris, but did not find 
>anything.  Shutdown our ldm and rebooted waldo, same problem

The problem is not related to the LDM in any way.

>Just as you had found, it accepts the initial connection and
>then immediately closes the connection.  Do you or perhaps 
>Mike S have any suggestions?

I am betting that telnet services were shut off in /etc/inetd.conf.  Edit
this file as 'root' and make sure that the telnet line is not commented

telnet  stream  tcp nowait  root    /usr/sbin/tcpd  in.telnetd

If it is, uncomment it and then send a HUP signal to the inetd process:

kill -HUP <process_id_of_inetd>

You would do the above IF you want to allow logins from other machines,
of course.


>From address@hidden Thu May 18 14:45:56 2000

>I checked the file you list above and found telnet was NOT commented out.
>It was listed as a line the same as you printed above.

>I can telnet out from waldo, and I know we could telnet into waldo earlier,
>so this service was working at one time, but I do not  know when it stopped 
>being useable.  The operating system has not been changed, nor any other 
>changes made that I am aware of.



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