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20000517: MCGUI configuration (cont.)

>From: alan anderson <address@hidden>
>Organization: St. Cloud State
>Keywords: 200005172010.e4HKAp409087 McIDAS-X MCGUI configuration


re:If this is not 13 and the value listed for ?UFRM in the Modify GUI Parameters
  popup is 13, I need to know since it is some sort of weird bug.

>Yes it is listed as 13 on all of our terminals, and I have confirmed that it 
>plots or contours upper air data into the current frame, not frame 13.
>A call to plot surface data also places it into the current frame.
>TL ?UFRM  returns  ?UFRM  :=13 
>TL ?SFRM  returns  ?SFRM  :=12
>One other bit, if I use the GUI to LOAD GUI DEFAULTS, I get
>   Error in TcL Script
>   Can't unset "sname" no such variable

Can I get a logon to one of your machines as the user 'mcidas' and as
a user for which this error occurs so I can troubleshoot it?  I have
recently tried to logon to waldo, but I have been unable to get on.
Here is what I see:

%telnet waldo.stcloudstate.edu
Connected to waldo.stcloudstate.edu.
Escape character is '^]'.

SunOS 5.7

Connection closed.

>Thanks Tom

I will try and see what is happening with the MCGUI stuff as soon as I
have the logins.


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