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20000511: gribdec.k not properly decoding specific humidty in NCAR grib files (cont.)

>From: "Jennie L. Moody" <address@hidden>
>Organization: UVa
>Keywords: 200004270006.e3R06rG00226 McIDAS-X -XCD gribdec.k gbtbpds001.2vx

Owen and Jennie,

Here is some closure on the gribdec.k decode of SHUM values from NCAR
grib messages:

>From address@hidden Wed May 10 15:47:17 2000
>Subject: Re: 20000508: XCD decoding of specific humidity from NCAR grib files 


>Yep....your right. In Mcmkmcgrid.c, the scale factor in the grid header
>is always set to 2. Yet...each grid point is scaled by the factor
>defined in gbtbpds001.2vx. My first reaction was 'this is unbelievably
>wrong'. If one is going to scale the grid point by one factor one
>should store that scale factor in the McIDAS grid header.
>Right?...Wrong. If you look at the gbtbpds001.2vx files, you will
>notice that most of the scale values are set to '2'. But if you look at
>the pressure fields and the absolute vorticity fields, these are set
>differently. Let's focus on the pressure field. The unit as stored in
>the McIDAS grid file is millibars and the scale factor is set to 0 - no
>scaling. This seems odd, but if you look at Office Note 388, this
>parameter is stored in the GRIB file as 'Pa'. This effectively presents
>the raw GRIB value, which is in 'Pa' as 'hPa'. 'hPa' is equal to 'MB'
>and 'MB' is the unit stored in the McIDAS grid header. The raw 'Pa'
>value is not scaled in the grid file, but the client divides the value
>by 100 (scale factor 2) to get MB. Yuck!!!

>I would love to store the values in the McIDAS grid files in their
>original units, then scale them appropriately to save the precision
>necessary.  Unfortunately nothing is ever that easy in McIDAS. For
>example, if I stored the pressure field in 'Pa', this would require
>everybody to add the UNIT=MB clause to every GRDDISP pressure field
>request to plot MB. Otherwise they would see pressure contour lines
>like 100400 Pa rather than 1004 hPa or MB.

 >> The only reason that leaving the output unit as GPKG and changing the
 >> scale factor from 2 to 5 (i.e,, 10**2 to 10**5) worked for us is that
 >> we were exploiting an apparent bug in dmgrid.k/gribdec.k that does not
 >> write the gbtbpds001.2vx scale factor to the output grid header.

>Based on the above observation I don't think we have no choice. It
>looks like the decoder was designed this way. I retract my previous
>suggestion and suggest you keep the unit as GPKG and change the scale
>factor from 2 to 5. At the time, I didn't realize the decoder always
>stored a scale factor of 2 in the grid header, and apparently for a

>I may not have explained myself very well. If you are confused, give me
>a call.


So, it looks like Owen and I did the exact right thing given the design
of the McIDAS grib decoder (gribdec.k and dmgrid.k run the same code
so they are equivalent).  I would say, however, that the decoder needs
to be modified so that the number of significant digits can be specified
independently in the gbtbpds001.2vx files.  I am afraid that this has no
chance of being even considered given that Chad is leaving SSEC at the
end of the month.

Just thought that you would want to know...


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