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20000508: GINI to netCDF (cont.)

>From: David Harper <address@hidden>
>Organization: NCAR/RAP
>Keywords: 200003012325.QAA04248 McIDAS-X GINI netCDF


>From address@hidden Mon May  8 11:15:59 2000

>I'll do that.  What does N2 represent?

The value of N2= is the group name portion of the ADDE dataset name.
Don't ask me why it is called N2!  The following snippit from McIDAS
source code refers that these names:

"   /*
    * the values for the keywords N1= and N2= contain the group and
    * dataset names. no really... i wouldn't make something like this
    * up. so get those values and compare them to the request line

>This is what the file currently looks like from when I was over there:
>GOES-West Visible,
>GOES-West 4 km 10.7 um,
>Am I correct in assuming that we are only actually using the third line?

The third line is the one that defines the output netCDF ADDE dataset.
The file names created by the netCDF ADDE server is formed from the group
name portion of the dataset name, GINI, concatenated with a 4-digit number
whose values can range from R1 to R2 suffixed by .nc.


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