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20000502: modifications to gribdec.k to handle NCAR grib data (cont.)

>From:  Owen Cooper <address@hidden>
>Organization:  UVa
>Keywords:  200005021531.e42FVEG26724 McIDAS-X gribdec.k grib


>Great, I can come by either Wed. or Thurs. morning of this week or any
>time next week.  I'm hoping this will be a quick fix because we are confident
>that the problem arises from gribdec.k expecting specific humidity units
>of kg/kg but instead it's getting data in units of g/kg.

I would venture to guess that it might be a quick patch instead of a

>Just let me know which time is best for you  and where your office is.

How about tomorrow morning at around 10 am?

The address is:

3300 Mitchell Lane
Room 1332  (Former suite 170) which is on the first floor on the north east
corner of the building.

Directions from CU are to take Foothills north to Valmont
o Turn east on Valmont
o Turn north (left) at the first light (this comes quickly; this is 47 th
  follow 47th north to Mitchell Lane
o Right on Mitchell Lane
o Building is on the corner of Mitchell and 47th.  It is a 3 story unit
  with reflective windows (sort of a pink color)

The entrance to the building is on the south side, so you have to go
into the parking lot and make your way around to the south side.
Take the corridor on the right and go into the first door on the left;
this is the Unidata Program offices.



>From address@hidden Tue May  2 14:52:34 2000
>Subject: 20000502: modifications to gribdec.k to handle NCAR grib data (cont.) 

SOunds good, I'll see you at 10:00 AM tomorrow!

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