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20000429: update on 17 April McIDAS bugfix and AVN 12Z run (final)

>From: weather <address@hidden>
>Organization: NMSU/NSBF
>Keywords: 199909242206.QAA23500 McIDAS-XCD DMGRID AVN grid missing SC5.0


Some promising number from the 0 and 12 Z AVN runs for 2000121:

machine        dataset         #MERC  #PS    Total  OSystem  Compilers
adde.unidata   RTGRIDS/AVN.10                1580   x86      SC5.0
wxmcidas.nsbf  RTGRIDS/AVN.10                1580   x86      SC5.0
windfall.evsc  RTGRIDS/AVN.10                1580   SPARC    SC4.2
psnldm.nsbf    RTGRIDS/AVN.10                1580   SPARC    SC5.0

adde.unidata   RTGRIDS/AVN.20                1009   x86      SC5.0
wxmcidas.nsbf  RTGRIDS/AVN.20                1009   x86      SC5.0
windfall.evsc  RTGRIDS/AVN.20                1009   SPARC    SC4.2
psnldm.nsbf    RTGRIDS/AVN.20                1009   SPARC    SC5.0

adde.unidata   RTGRIDS/AVN.30                 760   x86      SC5.0
wxmcidas.nsbf  RTGRIDS/AVN.30                 760   x86      SC5.0
windfall.evsc  RTGRIDS/AVN.30                 760   SPARC    SC4.2
psnldm.nsbf    RTGRIDS/AVN.30                 760   SPARC    SC5.0

adde.unidata   RTGRIDS/AVN.40                1587   x86      SC5.0
wxmcidas.nsbf  RTGRIDS/AVN.40                1587   x86      SC5.0
windfall.evsc  RTGRIDS/AVN.40                1587   SPARC    SC4.2
psnldm.nsbf    RTGRIDS/AVN.40                1587   SPARC    SC5.0

adde.unidata   RTGRIDS/AVN.50                1009   x86      SC5.0
wxmcidas.nsbf  RTGRIDS/AVN.50                1009   x86      SC5.0
windfall.evsc  RTGRIDS/AVN.50                1009   SPARC    SC4.2
psnldm.nsbf    RTGRIDS/AVN.50                1009   SPARC    SC5.0

adde.unidata   RTGRIDS/AVN.60                 760   x86      SC5.0
wxmcidas.nsbf  RTGRIDS/AVN.60                 760   x86      SC5.0
windfall.evsc  RTGRIDS/AVN.60                 760   SPARC    SC4.2
psnldm.nsbf    RTGRIDS/AVN.60                 760   SPARC    SC5.0

So, one of three possibilities exist for the current decoding success:

o the version of dmgrid.k from stratus.al works better than the one
  built on psnldm

o psnldm getting fed from wxmcidas works better than other feeds

o there has been less volume in the IDD so that RECLASS messages
  indicating loss of data are not seen

In any case, I must conclude that the decoding of grids by XCD is
working correctly.  This fits with your last communication:

>From address@hidden Fri Apr 28 16:20:10 2000

>I think I see the problem.  I was getting RECLASS statements in my
>ldmd.log when these partial grids occurred.  My usual problems.
>Is a T1 really not a fat enough pipe?

As the amount of gridded data in the IDD increases, the size of the pipe
needs to increase IF one wants to get all of the data all of the time.
This problem will be magnified even more when we begin increasing the
volume of image data in the Unidata-Wisconsin datastream.

>Does everyone else have multiple T1's or T3's?

No, but some have them have chosen to decide on which data they request
from their upstream site(s).  I must add quickly, however, that there
are several sites with just your prediciment.

>The other problem is the routing to any feed
>I have tried is always circuitous.


>So it looks like it is decoding correctly.

I concur.

>Maybe I will get a clean feed tonight and will see for sure.

You did, and we did.  This makes me breath a sigh of relief.


>From address@hidden Sat Apr 29 18:42:46 2000

>Thanks as always for the help!

>NSBF Meteorology

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