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20000419: XCD grid decoding problems at UVa (final, final)

>From: Anthony James Wimmers <address@hidden>
>Organization: UVa
>Keywords: 200004091534.JAA08082 XCD DMGRID ETA MRF FTP backup RTMODELS.CFG 


>I just need to stop and restart the ldmadmin for the changes to take
>effect, right?

After the new copy of RTMODELS.CFG has been put in the McIDAS working
directory (uvaworkdata in your case), and after you have modified the
HRS.CFG file in the same directory to reduce the size of your grid spool
file (back down to 32 MB will match the size in the addendum), then
you could simply stop and restart the LDM.

You may, however, want to take the opportunity to:

o delete the current ETA files
o move the NGM grid files to the 5051 - 5090 namespace

then restart the LDM

The change needed for ADDE access can be done at any time:

dsserve.k ADD RTGRIDS/ALL GRID 5000 5620 RT=YES "ALL Real-Time ETA Grids
dsserve.k ADD RTGRIDS/ETA GRID 5501 5620 RT=YES "Real-Time ETA Grids
dsserve.k ADD RTGRIDS/NGM GRID 5051 5090 RT=YES "Real-Time NGM Grids

 - or -

edit RESOLV.SRV in uvaworkdata and make the RTGRIDS entries for ALL, 
ETA, and NGM look like the following:

N1=RTGRIDS,N2=ALL,TYPE=GRID,RT=Y,K=GRID,R1=5001,R2=5620,C=All XCD Real-Time 
N1=RTGRIDS,N2=ETA,TYPE=GRID,RT=Y,K=GRID,R1=5501,R2=5620,C=Real-Time ETA Grids,
N1=RTGRIDS,N2=NGM,TYPE=GRID,RT=Y,K=GRID,R1=5051,R2=5090,C=Real-Time ETA Grids,

The reason for the three changes is due to our mucking with grid ingestion
in a different way than I finally came up with for the addendum.

The final thing to pay attention to is the scouring of GRID files.  On
your system, ~mcidas/bin/mcscour.sh is run from a cron entry for the
user ldma.  You need to edit ~mcidas/bin/mcscour.sh and set the GRID
scouring lines to match your final setup.


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