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20000409: DMGRID and AVN grid decoding (cont.)

>From: address@hidden
>Organization: NMSU/NSBF
>Keywords: 199912291730.KAA11998 McIDAS-XCD DMGRID 12Z AVN decode failure


I have been meaning to touch base with you on your note, but I have
been trying to get a McIDAS Addendum put together that addresses
the changes in ETA model grids in the IDD, and the new _large_ 10 km
composite radar product (created from RCMs that have been in the
stream for some time).  I have finally finished the Addendum, and
was wondering if you would mind installing it on the machine that
is having problems decoding 12 Z AVN grids.  I don't think that the
Addendum will fix your problem, but it may help.  The information
on the Addendum can be found in:


>I saw where you forwarded my message to Wisconsin concerning
>the apparent AVN decoding problems.  I find it strange that
>they would chalk it up as an anomaly without much investigation
>when I know it affects (and know for sure it was affecting)
>the forecasters in McMurdo who use McIDAS operationally.

I have been wondering if the problem could possibly have anything to
do with the size of the HRS spool file, HRS.SPL.  Part of the Addendum
addresses how to create a bigger spool file, so you might want to take
a close look at this.

>I mentioned it to Matt as well when I was down there.  Of course
>the AVN/MRF is the only U.S. model guidance for Antarctica
>other than NOGAPS.

Exactly right.  Unfortunately, the person at SSEC who would have to do
the investigation of the problem has had numerous large efforts dumped
on him.  The most recent task was figuring out exactly what to do about
the new ETA grids and the large radar composite.

>It is just creates more work for me, rewriting
>web pages to use GEMPAK instead.

I know, and I apologize that neither SSEC nor myself has had enough time
to really solve this problem.

>Those guys are trying to make
>operational decisions with it.  I have another question but will
>send it to support.

I will get back with SSEC about the AVN problem now that their latest XCD
Addendum has been released.  Again, I am sorry for the hoops you are
having to jump through.




>Forwarded: Fri, 07 Apr 2000 09:06:05 -0600
>Forwarded: address@hidden
>From address@hidden  Thu Apr  6 21:30:45 2000
>Subject: follow up to McIDAS decoding? problems with AVN 
>To: address@hidden

>I am still seeing problems with the McIDAS decoders apparently not decoding
>the 12Z run of the AVN correctly.  I have a lot of missing grids
>while at the same time GEMPAK shows everything to be there.  There 
>is not a problem for the 00Z run.  I just started looking at this
>again but it seems to have continued since I noticed it back in December.

>Robert Mullenax

>From address@hidden  Tue Apr 18 07:02:32 2000
>Subject: Re: 20000409: DMGRID and AVN grid decoding (cont.)

>No problem at all Tom.  Believe me I know what it is like to be swamped.
>I am leaving in 20 minutes to go out to New Mexico to our remote site there.
>Our Intel machine wxmcidas died and I have to repair it.  I will try to
>telnet in from there back to here and install the updates as I would
>like to see if it helps as well.

>Thanks, I know you have been real busy lately.


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