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20000415: McIDAS ADDE server access to Plymouth State GINI imagery

>From: Gilbert Sebenste <address@hidden>
>Organization: NIU
>Keywords: 200004160431.WAA05472 McIDAS-X 7.60 GINI ADDE access

Gilbert and Jim,

Sorry I didn't jump in and provide Gilbert with access information
previously, but I have been trying to get an Addendum put together for
McIDAS to handle the recent expansion of ETA grids to +60 HR and to
deal with the new Radar Coded Message (RCM) composite grib product that
was added to the HRS stream on April 2.

>> Gilbert,
>> I'll be happy to accomodate you, but I'm going to need some guidance on
>> where to set up the access. Tom Yoksas did the set up and I'm not sure
>> where the file that allows access resides. Since you have an ADDE server
>> running, what do I need to do?
>> The machine that you will want to point to is
>>      snow.plymouth.edu/
>> Jim

Gilbert, it was probably best that you requested access directly from Jim
as he is providing GINI imagery access as a community service (thanks
again Jim).  I havn't announced this to the community since I have been
trying to identify at least a couple more sites that could provide access
to the GINI imagery through ADDE.  Again, any leads that either of you
could provide on a Unidata site that is getting either NOAAPORT channels
1 or 2 would be most appreciated.

Gilbert wrote:

>Thanks for allowing me to get the data. I need to get more familiar with
>the ADDE server. Tom, what does he have to do and what do I have to do so
>we can access each other's machines and data? I don't know how you have it
>set up, so I am not sure...

Jim is making GINI imagery available through ADDE only (so far :-).
As he notes above, his machine is snow.plymouth.edu.  Setting one's machine
up to point at his site for GINI data is as simple as running the following
in a McIDAS session:

DATALOC ADD RTGINI snow.plymouth.edu

(by the way Jim, I have been meaning to ask you if you would allow there
to be an alias to this machine as adde.plymouth.edu?)

As far as Gilbert making data available to Jim (and others) through ADDE,
he would have had to:

o installed and configured the remote ADDE server software on his machine
o have datasets setup that can be accessed through his remote ADDE server
o if he has setup TCP wrappers on the ADDE server ports (500 and 503),
  he would have to allow Jim's and other's machines access

>From address@hidden  Sat Apr 15 23:46:58 2000
>Date: Sun, 16 Apr 2000 01:46:42 -0400
>Subject: Re: McIDAS ADDE server access

Jim wrote:

>I think that I found the file (hosts.allow) that controls access. It
>appears that you were already able to point to our system. From what I
>can see, "ALL" is currently set to allow access our "mcservsh" ADDE
> Jim

That is correct.  I setup Jim's system to be able to deny access to
his ADDE server, but I did not limit anyone's access.  I fully intended
to work with Jim on this after the general announcement was made about
access to his machine.


I am sorry that I have been too busy to get back to you with a detailed
explanation of how ADDE works and what you may have to do to limit
access to your machine.  Things have been pretty crazy around here of
late, but I guess that is the normal course of events.  I _will_ force
myself to sit down and provide you with the information sometime today
or tomorrow.

I've go to go for now...


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