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20000406: GRDDISP valid date/time display (cont.)

>From: Bill Fingerhut <address@hidden>
>Organization: Lyndon State College
>Keywords: 200004041402.IAA28811 McIDAS-X 7.60 GRDDISP 


Sorry that this has taken me so long to get back to.

>Below are the results of:
>date > tom.ail
>env >> tom.ail

>Thu Apr  6 08:54:28 EDT 2000

Try adding the following definition to the environment variable TZ to your
environment file (should be .cshrc or .tcshrc for TCSH)

setenv TZ GMT

You will need to exit, login, and start a new McIDAS session to test to see
if this addition fixes your GRDDISP labeling problem.


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