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20000407: DMGRID decode failure on 12Z AVN grids (cont).

>From: address@hidden
>Organization: NMSU/NSBF
>Keywords: 199912291730.KAA11998 McIDAS-XCD DMGRID 12Z AVN decode failure

I got the following email from Robert Mullenax regarding the failure of
DMGRID in decoding 12Z AVN grids.  I first forwarded Robert's comments
back on December 29, 1999.  This was put into the MUG's tracking system as
inquiry 10597 which is labled as an anomaly.  Chad's original reply,
however, indicated that he was not able to fully test out the
problem due to a file system that filled.  I think that the inquiry
needs to be reopened as the problem Robert is reporting continues.

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>To: address@hidden
>From: weather <address@hidden>
>Subject: follow up to McIDAS decoding? problems with AVN 
>Organization: NMSU/NSBF
>Keywords: 200004070330.VAA01315 McIDAS-XCD 7.60 DMGRID 12Z AVN decode failure

I am still seeing problems with the McIDAS decoders apparently not decoding
the 12Z run of the AVN correctly.  I have a lot of missing grids
while at the same time GEMPAK shows everything to be there.  There 
is not a problem for the 00Z run.  I just started looking at this
again but it seems to have continued since I noticed it back in December.

Robert Mullenax

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