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20000328: building McIDAS-x 7.6 on RedHat 6.1 Linux

>From: Erick Lorenz <address@hidden>
>Organization: UC Davis
>Keywords: 200003282041.NAA08482 McIDAS-X RedHat Linux libc f2c build


>I just checked the makelog from trying to "make mcx" on this test machine and
>it failed while trying to:
>       convdlm mdxgra.dlm
>I see that convdlm has something to do with converting source code.

Right.  'convdlm' converts 'DLM' (dynamic link module) source code (files
with the '.dlm' suffix into Fortran source that can be compiled into
object modules.

>Does it have any connection with f2c?

The failure definitely has to do with f2c.

>As a quick and dirty fix I had imported the
>f2c suite from one of the existing Linux boxes.

If the existing Linux boxes were running a pre-6.x version of RedHat
Linux, then the version of f2c you are trying to use will not work.

I make a RedHat 6.x Linux compatible version of f2c, f2c.h, and
libf2c.a available through the passworded McIDAS FTP site.  The files
can be found in the unix/760/fortran/RedHat6.x directory.  Please make
sure to FTP them in binary mode!

>Thank you

Talk to you later...


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