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20000325: McIDAS installation and configuration at WMU

>From: address@hidden
>Organization: Western Michigan
>Keywords: 200003251752.KAA09200 McIDAS-X installation


Don no longer is involved in McIDAS support, so you will have to deal
with me :-)

>I feel very embarassed to say that we have not had LDM/McIDAS running at WMU
>for most of this academic year.  What happened was that since our Meteorology
>Lab was upgraded to 20 Sun workstations and our operational system changed to
>Solaris, we had no student help at this College, who knew UNIX administration.
>So I have been just borrowing educational materials from some of the UNIDATA
>sites to teach my labs.

This seems like a waste given that you nowhave 20 Sun workstations that
you could be using actively.

>I also have taken more responsabilities at the administration level. 
>Essentially, since past November I have been the Geography Department 
>Acting Chair.

How do you keep up with all of this?

>During our Winter break, when I went to SSEC to work on my
>research, I told my problem to Bob Fox and to Tom Whitaker and they suggested
>that Chad Johnson could help me with it.

Chad is very capable.  I am sure that he could get things working if he
had enought time.

>Chad installed LDM but he ran into problems linking McIDAS to LDM.

I am not quite sure of what you mean here.  Are you referring to the
ldm-mcidas decoders, or are you referring to getting McIDAS-XCD working
with the LDM?

>Can you help me on this?

Yes, absolutely.

>I can give you my account information on ldm, mcidas and 
>mcadde at WMU.

I will need this and:

o root login (to make sure that the LDM is properly installed and operational)
  and to make sure that the McIDAS remote ADDE server is properly installed
  and working

o a more detailed message about exactly what you want setup

>I have students who need to use McIDAS for their research 
>project, but they don't have any experience with UNIX administration.

OK, no problem.  I can get to work on your system(s) sometime this week
(after receiving the appropriate login and machine information).

>Please, let me know if you can bring McIDAS back to life at WMU.

Can do.

>Thank you so much!

You are welcome.


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