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20000324: XSECTG and MDX produced THAE analyses (cont.)

>From: Bill Fingerhut <address@hidden>
>Organization: Lyndon State College
>Keywords: 200003231451.HAA00534 McIDAS-X UCC PTCON XSECTG cron MDX


re:I would like to get a copy of the file with the THAE grids in it so
   I can trace down this bug in XSECTG.  Can you make this available?

>Of course. Just tell me how you want to do this. I assume one of us
>will do an FTP?

If you can put the file somewhere on a disk that I can FTP to and
give me the user name and password for the FTP (anonymous FTP would be
best), then I will grab it and see what I can see.

>BTW, here is some more info. I exit and restart McIdas after the
>window crash described above. Then I 'get' grids of T computed with
>UCC on the server by a script run from the cron, and call XSECTG. 
>A cross section is drawn without problem.

OK.  So the T grids are OK.

>Then, I copy the XSECTG command with the mouse and paste at prompt.
>I edit GRIDF=2001 to GRIDF=2002, which is where the THAE grids are
>saved during the previous McIDAS session. Enter the command, and
>I get the desired cross section of THAE without any problems!

Hmm... Can you give me the scenario that causes the window crash?
It seems from this comment that if I FTP the file, I will not have
any problems.

re: reporting on problems with UCC grids being passed to XSECTG

>I did not send it to support; your memory is still okay.


>I turned
>to PTCON because the quantity was easy to compute, and I thought I
>should learn to use PTCON.

This was a good move.  I have been pressing SSEC to finish their ADDE
routines so that I can _finally_ move Unidata McIDAS sites to full use
of ADDE.  I don't know why they don't think that this is an important
thing to do.


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