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20000317: McIDAS and mounted filesystems (cont.)

>From: David Fitzgerald <address@hidden>
>Organization: Millersville University of Pennsylvania
>Keywords: 200001262144.OAA16099 McIDAS-X 7.6 mount


>To answer your question, I did all of the McIDAS work on twister, which is
>where the /software filesystem is remotely mounted from snowball.

OK, that is the same setup as before (correct?).

>Twister runs 
>Solaris 7 which all of my clients have, but snowball runs Solaris 2.6.  I 
>haven't upgraded snowball as it is very short on disk space and I'm getting a 
>new server in the near future anyway.


>If you need anything else, let me know.

I logged onto twister as 'mcidas' and did a 'ls -l'.  I saw the expected
link from .mctmp to /tmp/mctmp.  When I did an 'ls' of /tmp, however,
I did not find a /tmp/mctmp.  I created it:

mkdir /tmp/mctmp
ln -s .mctmp /tmp/mctmp

and then tested McIDAS to see if it would work:

cd workdata
dmap.k AREA012
---- --------- ------------ -------- ---------
-rw-   2439056 Mar 16 20:20 AREA0120 /var/data/mcidas
-rw-   2439056 Mar 16 21:24 AREA0121 /var/data/mcidas
-rw-   2439056 Mar 16 22:20 AREA0122 /var/data/mcidas
-rw-   2439056 Mar 17 09:19 AREA0123 /var/data/mcidas
-rw-   2439056 Mar 17 10:19 AREA0124 /var/data/mcidas
-rw-   2439056 Mar 17 11:34 AREA0125 /var/data/mcidas
-rw-   2439056 Mar 16 16:18 AREA0126 /var/data/mcidas
-rw-   2439056 Mar 16 17:19 AREA0127 /var/data/mcidas
-rw-   2439056 Mar 16 18:24 AREA0128 /var/data/mcidas
-rw-   2439056 Mar 16 19:23 AREA0129 /var/data/mcidas
24390560 bytes in 10 files

This tells me that McIDAS does work like it should.  Is it possible that
the /tmp/mctmp directory was inadvertantly not created?  This appears to
be the sole cause of the failure, at lease from my quick test.


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