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20000314: ADDE access to MSFC imagery stores (cont.)

>From: "Guillory, Anthony" <address@hidden>
>Organization: NASA/MSFC
>Keywords: 200001311730.KAA02738 McIDAS ADDE accounting


Back at the end of January I first broached the subject of the possibility
of MSFC permitting ADDE access to image stores to Unidata sites:

  I have been meaning to contact you for months upon end regarding the
  imagery holdings that one can anonymously FTP from cyclone.msfc.nasa.gov.
  Since I now see that you are running the remote McIDAS ADDE server,
  wouldn't you think that it would be a nice "community service" to allow
  all Unidata sitesADDE access to the same data?  Granted the
  McIDAS_areas are now compressed and are not named according to the time
  (dis)honored McIDAS naming convention, but supposedly some of the new
  development at SSEC could get around part of this (the non-McIDAS
  naming).  A little additional work could also get around the fact that
  the images are stored compressed.

At the time, you responded:

  Tom, I agree we (MSFC and Unidata) should talk about data (we have processor
  and disk limitations to consider on our end).  Unfortunately, I'll have to
  take a look at things a little later in the week.  Stay on my case!  I have
  to get a talk ready for a Rotary Club talk tomorrow, so I'm kinda rushed at
  the moment.

Well, here I am "back on your case" ;-).  Do you think that there is any
possibility that ADDE access could be made to the image data you maintain
on the MSFC FTP site?  I am trying to identify a number of sites from
which Unidata participating institutions can get realtime and archived
satellite imagery.  FTP is, of course, welcome, but ADDE access may be
more convenient for those sites running McIDAS.  Since I talked to you
last, I got Plymouth State College (New Hampshire) to allow ADDE access
to their realtime NOAAPORT GINI imagery (both GOES-East and GOES-West).
This only required me to load and configure my GINI ADDE servers on/for
their machine.  I intend to announce this access to our community in
April; it would be very nice if I could also announce ADDE access to
image archives at MSFC, don't you think :-)?

As you asked before, I intend to keep pestering you about this access
(at least until you tell me to stop).

I look forward to hearing from you...


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