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20000301: McIDAS GINI-to-netCDF conversion

>From: David Harper <address@hidden>
>Organization: NCAR
>Keywords: 200003012325.QAA04248 McIDAS-X GINI netCDF


>We are trying to find a convenient way to convert from GINI format (from a
>GOES image) into a format we currently can use in our data ingestors.  Is
>there something to convert into netCDF?

Through its ADDE interface, McIDAS-X can convert from imagery to netCDF.

>I found something while poking
>around on the web site, but it converts McIdas.

Actually, the output is netCDF; the input is whatever kind of dataset
for which there are ADDE servers.  I have developed an ADDE subserver
for GINI imagery for the Unidata version of McIDAS, so my distribution
can convert from GINI to netCDF.

>Please let me know if there is someone that might be able to help us out.

In order to use the conversion capabilities in our distribution, you would
have to get and install Unidata McIDAS-X; configure ADDE dataset access;
and then do something like:


(I just tried this here at Unidata and it appears to work fine.)

This copies the latest 8 km GINI Super National composite image from
the RTGINI/GSN8KIR dataset to the first postion in the netCDF dataset,
NCDF/GVAR.  Inherent in the ADDE copy is conversion from the source
dataset type to that of the output dataset.  The nice thing about using
ADDE is that the source and/or datasets do not need to be local to your
own machine.

The mailer information on this email indicates that it was sent from
NCAR/RAP.  Is this true?  Do you work for RAP?  If so, you are already
licensed for Unidata McIDAS-X.

If you are interested in pursuing this path to your GINI conversion
problem, please let me know.


Tom Yoksas

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