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20000225: solar zenith angles for satellite imagery

>From: Xinli Li <address@hidden>
>Organization: University of Hawaii
>Keywords: 200002252127.OAA12741 McIDAS solar zenith angles


I got got the following inquiry concerning calcualtion of solar zenith
angles from the University of Hawaii.

>I have installed the McIDAS-X sucessfully.  Thank you for your help!
>Now I am using it to display the real satellite images. I have a
>question about McIdas-X.

>Is lt possible to calculate the azimuth angles from each pixel of the
>real image to satellite by using McIdas-X, and how?

>This is very important to us, I didn't find any things about this
>function on the McIdas-X documents.

I know that you are doing this kind of thing for your water vapor/ozone
research.  The question is how did you do the calculation, and, if you
had to write some code, can you donate it to the community?



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