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20000225: McIDAS for Windows (PC)?

>From: "Jeffrey L. Annis" <address@hidden>
>Organization: Scripps Institution of Oceanography
>Keywords: 200002251852.LAA08600 Scripps

>Are there plans drafted for developing a MCIDAS package that will run
>under Windows OS?  If so, is there a GRIB decoder available for Windows?

There is an implementation of SSEC McIDAS-X 7.60 that runs on Windows NT.
It requires Interix (http://www.interix.com; Interix supplies the
Unix-like environment) and an X window package (like Hummingbird eXceed)
to run.  Unidata has taken a look at this environment but has not (yet)
embraced it.  The main problem is that the combination of Interix and
an X window package might be prohibitively expensive for a number of
sites that might be interested in the package.  This does not mean that
we will not continue to evaluate this setup, however.

If you are willing to purchase Interix and an X window package, then
you might like to give the SSEC 7.6 NT version a test run so that you
can make your own evaluations.  If you choose to do this, I can point
you at the NT distribution of McIDAS-X (binary) and give you some
URLs that would help you to install and configure it.

>-Thanks, Jeff

Tom Yoksas

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