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20000214: question about Linux X server

>From: tomw <address@hidden>
>Organization: SSEC
>Keywords: 200002141511.IAA10677


>John has been working on the Linux port (actually he's done) and has
>a problem with the setup of XFree86 that I hope you can help him

Linux port of what?  If you are talking about McIDAS, then I am amazed
and disappointed that the work that we did on this is being ignored.

>He cannot get an 8 bit pseudo-color visual.  Do you know the magic?

One can, as root, run Xconfigurator and specify the set of visuals that are
wanted and which will be the first.  The key is to do this in a text

o while logged on through in a graphical environment, hit CTRL-ALT-F1
  this should give you a full screen text window
o you login as root
o type 'init 3' to go to init level 3 (get out of graphics mode)
o run Xconfigurator and setup up the visuals
o after convinced that the test works as desired type 'init 5' back in
  the text window

The thing about Linux is that McIDAS works pretty well in the 24-bit 
mode.  A chat with either Russ or Chad or both at the Long Beach AMS
meeting seemed to indicate that Rod had been working on areas of the code
that were deficient with regards to McIDAS in 24-bit modes.  I think
that you will find that if you are using GNOME, you will definitely
want to be working in a more-than-one-byte visual environment.  In
a 24-bit mode, one can run other Unix apps like Netscape without
worrying about running out of colors.




>From address@hidden  Mon Feb 14 09:59:39 2000

re: port of what
>Yea, McIDAS.

>Well, they certainly knew you guys had done this.  In his typically
>minimalist fashion, John said he only changed 8 files.  I've not a
>clue as to what they did, or how for that matter.  If I were you I'd
>be dumbfounded...actually, I am, anyway.  Wonder when they made the
>decision (and how...).

>It'll be interesting to hear what John has to say (if anything...).

>Thanks again for your help with the visuals.  If you'd like, I can
>pursue the "why" question with Dave/Dee...

>Later, tom

From address@hidden  Mon Feb 14 10:02:34 2000

>Hey.  Thanks for a quick reply.

>When TomW said I was "done" with a McIDAS port to LINUX,
>he was exagerating somewhat.  I got it to build.  It's
>far from tested yet.

>As far as duplicating your effort, so far all I've needed
>to do is change details in 8 little files:

>         mcmkhelp.c
>         mccomp.sh
>         tcl/generic/tclPosixStr.c
>         decoder.cp
>         sends_.c
>         mcimagem.cp
>         mcserv.cp
>         netcdf/configure

>If you know things which should change beyond the scope
>of this little bunch, I'd be happy to take your guidance
>rather than re-discovering them.

>     Thanks again.


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