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20000203: New McIDAS-X users

>From: Anthony James Wimmers <address@hidden>
>Organization: UVa
>Keywords: 200002031536.IAA25399 users


>Jennie put me in charge of getting two of her undergraduates set up with
>new Mcidas accounts.

She gave me a heads-up on this in an email yresteday.

>I gave them accounts on windfall with the home
>directories /home/sm8f and /home/jla3c. I understand that starting a new
>Mcidas account on windfall is different from what the manual indicates -

No, not really.  The information about what is needed for user accounts
is fully contained in the online McIDAS-X documentation that we maintain
under: http://www.unidata.ucar.edu/packages/mcidas/mcx.

>just different enough to get one in trouble. So.....I see two options for
>us. Either I could set up their accounts as you walk me through it on the
>phone, or I can give you the new root password for windfall over the
>phone and you can set them up yourself. Whichever would be the best for

Either is fine by me.  I leave the option open to you.

>One other thing. Did you get my message about RUC-2 decoding?

Yes, I havn't had time to look into this yet; sorry.

>Steve said
>he'd forward it to you, and it's been almost two weeks since I wrote. Just

I just checked.  We received your eamil on January 28.  It is now February
3, so this makes it _one_ week not two.  I realize that when you are in
need that time seems to dilate :-).

>You're the best,

Smoke up the you know what ;-).  Hey, I never got to contradulate you
on the award for your poster session at the AMS conference in Long Beach;

I will be here for the rest of the afternoon (modulo bathroom breaks, of
course), so anytime today would work fine.


>From address@hidden  Thu Feb  3 13:32:56 2000


re: user information in online documentation
>You're totally right. I got them set up in 20 minutes. Not that you're off
>the hook...

re: only one week not two
>Bust-ed. It really did seem like 2 weeks. I did send him another email
>about three days before that (or maybe 1 1/2 days). Anyway, now that the
>TOPSE flights have started, it would be really good to have this info.

re: congradulations
>Done and done. You know, I may have won big at the AMS, but we had a
>poster contest in the department one week later, and Owen put me in my
>place :{ .

>Thanks for the help!


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