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20000131: ADDE server issues (cont.)

>From: "Guillory, Anthony" <address@hidden>
>Organization: NASA/MSFC
>Keywords: 200001311730.KAA02738 McIDAS ADDE accounting


re: a Unidata site actively using ADDE
>Does that mean that others aren't?

Yes, it unfortunately does.  Sites are only slowly catching on to how
cool ADDE really is.

re: fostering ADDE exchange at sites
>I'm on! Anybody can get to weather.admin.niu.edu.


re: need to restrict access to NLDN lightning and WSI NIDS datasets

re: ALA.G8-GHCC file
>Hmm. Can you check this out, Anthony? By default, that would mean NASA has
>access, but I don't.

re: anything funny about NIU's name/IP address (i.e., ability to do
reverse name lookup)
>Shouldn't be a problem...I've had no one complain about gettting to my
>website or anything else...

If the LDM is running correctly on your machine, then all should be well.

>Can I access the imagery you now have on your server too? I don't want to
>maul your connection. Oh wait, you have VBNS...never mind! :-)

Yes, if you promise to not overdo the access.  You also have to remember
that access to the machine is at no time guaranteed.  It can come and
go withoug warning.

re: test of GINI access from our server
>DROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! Zzzzt, zzzzt! Ah, sparks from the keyboard!

I'm glad you like this.  I will be releasing the GINI subserver code
coming up, but there are just not that many sites that have GINI imagery
to access.

>> o AVHRR Level 1B imagery
>> o DMSP imagery from NGDC
>> o Terascan (tm) imagery
>> o GRIB ADDE server (just in the consideration phase)
>The Terascan would be neat. That would put UCAR's images on display for
>everyone. How long before this happens?

This is lesser in priority than the level 1B stuff and ahead of the DMSP
work.  UCAR/JOSS is very interested in getting a Terascan to McIDAS
converter working.  I am very interested in getting our sites access
to more and more imagery from more and more sources (even if they are

>Great job, Tom! I look forward to seeing NASA's stuff. This is going to be

Things keep moving along.  Later...


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