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20000108: follow up to AVN 12Z and McIDAS

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>Keywords: 200001080950.CAA07053


>Do not post this to the archives if it real cause problems 
>with UW.

Given that you are reporting the continuance of a problem, it should
not cause any problems with UW.

>I can rewrite the page to use GEMPAK.

If this is the quickest solution for you, then it is probably the best
thing to do.

>I noticed in the
>e support archives that my reported troubles
>with the decoding problems of the 12Z AVN by McIDAS
>has been termed on anomaly and closed by Wisconsin.
>I am still having the problems.  It is worse some days
>than others, but still the same no problems at 00Z, at
>12Z GEMPAK has no problem, McIDAS has problems.
>Any chance this will be reopened by them?

I will be talking with the SSEC person that deals with this at the
AMS show in Long Beach tomorrow afternoon (and throughout the show).
I will try to get some action on your problem, or, at least, have
he and take some time to really dig into the problem.


I apologize for your difficulties.


>From address@hidden  Sat Jan  8 17:32:24 2000


I did a quick look at the 12Z run AVN grids for both yesterday
and today (2000007/008) on our ingester and believe that they
are complete.  In particular, I see U and V wind grids for
the 10 m level, and the file sizes are what I _think_ I should
expect (there are over 1500 grids in each GRID file).

Would it be possible for you to check our AVN grid holdings
once again and see if you see missing data in our sets?  This would
help me as I talk to SSEC tomorrow.



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