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19991207: McIDAS Learning Guide in non-HTML format

>From: Jimmy Mejia <address@hidden>
>Organization: University of Costa Rica
>Keywords: 199912070400.VAA25622 McIDAS Learning Guide


First, let me apologize for not responding before now.  Your message
got buried in my email inbox and basically got lost.

>Hello, Tom How are you??

Very well.  I hope that you are doing well also, and that you have
enjoyed a happy and healthful holiday season.

>Its a log time that you did not hear about me, eh? :)

Yes.  Unfortunately it was even longer since I lost your message for
some time.

>Well, I am here again toching your feet :)


>I should say you that currently we are using Mcidas-XCD in 11 diferents
>workstations, Linux RedHat 5.2, 6.1, Slackware 7.0 and FreeBSD 3-3.

Wow!  That is quite the assortment of operating system environments.
Were you able to build McIDAS on your FreeBSD system with no problems?
I have one other site that uses FreeBSD, and they found a couple of
small things that needed to be changed before they could build the
Unidata McIDAS-X/XCD distribution.

>Why so much differents enviroments? Well, the users like better some
>flavors of Linux than others, and myself I preferer to use FreeBSD instead
>of Linux so, I has had been working installing it in FreeBSD and finally
>it worked nice, may be I am wrong but, I feel faster it in FreeBSD than
>Linux :).

I am intending to install FreeBSD on my home machine so that I can get
more experience with it.  Those who use FreeBSD typically comment that
it is faster than Linux.

>Ok, but to speak about OS's  is not the reason of this email, one of the
>real reasons for this email is for to ask you if is posible to get a copy
>of the "Unidata McIDAS Learning Guide" in some format different of html
>for printing it. Some of the users are very interested in getting a
>printed copy of that document.

I am sorry to say that we do not have our Learning Guide in formats
other than HTML.  I checked on the SSEC Learning Guide availability and
see that they also do not have it in anything but HTML.  SSEC is in the
process of upgrading their Learning Guide, however;  their web page
says:  "Version 7.6 (available late 1999 or early 2000)".  Since there
is not a lot of difference in our and their versions (one is based on
the other and additions made to either one is soon incorporated in the
other), this would probably do you nicely.  If they do what they have
done with their other manuals, they will release HTML, PS, and PDF
versions as soon as they announce the new release.  I will keep on top
of this situation and get either the PS or PDF (or both) version and
make it available as soon as it is released.

>The other reason is in the subject, to say HI to all of you in UNIDATA.

I did do this right after getting your email.

Once again, let me apologize for not responding to this sooner.

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