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19991202: adde server source code access

>From: Louis Nguyen <address@hidden>
>Organization: Analytical Services and Materials, Inc.
>Keywords: 199911050014.RAA02758 McIDAS ADDE


Sorry it has taken so long for me to get back to you, but I was in 
Australia until mid-November.  I have been digging myself out of an
email pit since then; I only now freed up some time to respond.

>It was nice talking to you in Madison.  Your demonstration at the MUG meeting 
>was very interesting and I hope MUG will incorporate your ideas in core
>McIDAS in the near future.  

Thanks.  I think that if all of us McIDAS users can start talking more,
we will be able to get McIDAS development to move in the direction(s)
that we need/want.

>You mentioned in your talk that you wrote a standard prototype ADDE server
>to read/convert IMAGE data from other format.

To clarify, I am attempting to come up with a server setup that will
allow new image subservers to be written by replacing the guts of a
small set of modules.  The work developing the replacement code is
still needed (but if you already have converters, you already have
developed the needed algorithms), but the overall flow of the subserver
is pretty well set.  I based my work on the code set that SSEC used in
their training sessions from a couple/three years back.

>I would like to get a hold of this program if you are willing to give
>it away.

Yes, certainly.

>We would benefit greatly because we have many different
>datasets in varies format that we would like to serve up via ADDE. We
>have a converter for it but it would be better if it was a ADDE

I agree completely with your desire to get away from converters and
start implementing ADDE subservers.  This is the approach that I think
that SSEC should be taking.

I hope that you will allow me to have access to the subservers you develop,
so that I can make them available to my community.

>Thanks for your help,

You are welcome.  The source code that I put out on anonymous FTP for
you is contained in the file nidsserv.tar.Z on our FTP server,
ftp.unidata.ucar.edu.  The file is located in the pub/mcidas directory;
please remember to FTP it in binary mode.

If/when you need to ask me questions about the code, please email them
to address@hidden  This will allow me to incorporate your
questions, my answers, and recommended code changes in our inquiry
tracking system.  I believe that as people start hacking on my code
they will provide valuable modifications back that I can make available
to others.  I have no doubt that you will find that things in the
code could be better done.  Please do not hesitate to let me know what
those are: code fixes are always appreciated :-)

>Louis Nguyen
>voice: (757) 827-4636   fax: (757) 825-8659
>email:  address@hidden

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