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19991202: ADDE Sub-Server source code access

>From: address@hidden
>Keywords: 199911301722.KAA19429 McIDAS ADDE


I figured that I would respond to your email even though we just got
through talking on the phone about my ADDE subserver code.  This allows
me to create a "paper trail" so that I can track who has gotten my
code and what problems were found, suggestions made, etc.

If/when you have questions about the code that I have provided, it would
be best to send them via email to address@hidden  This way
I can incorporate them into our inquiry tracking system so that we
can both reverence them in the future.

>I am writting this e-mail to you in hopes that I can get some software and
>documentation of the ADDE Subserver that you have developed at Unidata.  I
>am Currently working on a HDF/EOS formatted image and I am having problems
>putting it into McIDAS.  We here at NESDIS/OSDPD/SSD observed your
>presentation at the MUG Meeting of the development of this new ADDE
>subserver, we thought it was great and would be useful in the disemenation
>of imagery from different sources.  I attempted to call via phone but was
>unsucessful please let me know what it will take to make this a reality for
>our SATEPS environment, thank you.

As I said in our phone conversation, the source code for my NIDS ADDE
subserver is located in the file nidsserv.tar.Z that is accessible
by anonymous FTP from our FTP server, ftp.unidata.ucar.edu in the
pub/mcidas directory.

>Curtis Holland
>Interactive Processing Branch
>5200 Auth Rd. room 510
>Camp Springs, Md. 20746-4304
>Phone; 301-763-8142 ext.133
>Fax: 301-899-9196
>Email: address@hidden

Please let me know if the code was of any help, or if you have any questions
about how it works or the various assumptions that went into it.

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