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19991122: Water Vapor Imagery


The Unidata/Wisconsin IDD data stream carries the GOES Water Vapor 
imagery at 8km resolution, which is the full resolution of that instrument.
Water vapor imagery is the 6.7 micron channel.

All of the Unidata/Wisconsin IDD data is archived at Wisconsin, and can
be retrieved via ftp. Information on requesting data from this archive
can be found at:

Once the operator at SSEC posts the data for the time period you request,
you can login and retrieve the data with:
login: XXXXXX
password: XXXXXX

Note that this site also provides access to a nearterm recovery 
for current data as well- up to the past 30 days.

Steve Chiswell
Unidata User Support

>From: Dave Fulker <address@hidden>
>Organization: .
>Keywords: 199911222129.OAA14959

>Could you (or someone else in support) suggest something to Ken 
>regarding 1995 water-vapor imagery.  I'm not sure what resolution 
>would be required for this analysis, and hence I don't know how 
>valuable the Wisconsin/Unidata archive might be...
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>Date: Mon, 22 Nov1999 14:52 -0600
>From: Ken Crawford <address@hidden>
>To: David Fulker <address@hidden>
>Cc: address@hidden 
>Subject: Water Vapor Assistance???
>I have a team of students working on a case study for Senior Synoptic 
>Laboratory.  Their case derives from the floods in VA during June of 
>1995.  This is a COMET case. 
>While they have much material from this case, they desire to have a water 
>vapor loop for this case.
>The period of interest extends from 0000 UTC on 27 June 1995 through 1200 
>UTC on 27 June 1995 and the focus area is the eastern third of the USA.
>Can you help me by pointing the students in a direction that would yield 
>the desired set of images.
>I thank you very much.
>Ken Crawford
>c: Laura from class
>Dr. Ken Crawford                                     address@hidden
>University of Oklahoma                       (405) 325-2998
>Oklahoma Climatological Survey               FAX (405) 325-2550
>100 East Boyd St., Suite 1210
>Norman, OK  73019-1012
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