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19991122: Building UNIDATA McIDAS-X 7.60 no vendor option on makelog (cont.)

>From: Rene Lobato <address@hidden>
>Organization: Mex. Inst. Water Tech
>Keywords: 199911052259.PAA09102 McIDAS-X build


>I've been told that internally we have the IP ( but if someone
>wants to login from outside, we have an IP for the external world of
>(, indeed the hostname is: cumulus.imta.mx.

I figured that the external machine IP address must be,
but I am unable to ping it from Boulder.  I have tried a variety
of days and times to ping the machine, but have never had any success.
I can, however, ping the mail server ( most of the time
and even logon to it for mail (i.e. 'telnet 25' works).
It seems like cumulus ( is not accessible to us, or
I have been very unlucky the times that I have tried.

>See ya !!

Please let me know if you can logon to cumulus and ping our machines
here at Unidata:



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