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19991026: McIDAS-X build on RH Linux

>From: Ricky Irving <address@hidden>
>Organization: SATEPS
>Keywords: 199910251755.LAA07454 McIDAS-X Linux


I logged onto your machine and found the source of the problems you were
running into: McINST_ROOT was not defined.  McINST_ROOT must be defined

o the creation of the set of output directories (e.g. ~mcidas/bin, ~mcidas/tcl,
  ~mcidas/lib, etc.)

o after defining McINST_ROOT, tclcomp had to be remade

o I forgot to include Linux modifications to the routine sends_.c

What I did on your machine was:

<saw that McINST_ROOT was not defined>
export McINST_ROOT=/home/mcidas
cd mcidas7.6/src
diff tclcomp.sh tclcomp.sh.unidata  (they are the same)
rm tclcomp
make all
<ran into the lack of sends_.c mods, so I added them in>
make all
<build ran to completion with no more errors

I then decided it would be a good idea to do a complete, clean build,
so I did the following:

make clobber
make all
<build went all the way through with no errors, so I did the install>
make install.all

>Machine would be up through 8:00am tomorrow (10/27/99).

Done in about an hour.

>Thanks again

You are welcome.


>From address@hidden  Wed Oct 27 05:33:42 1999

A million thanks......everything appears to be running smoothly. Will keep
you posted on the success on our port of some of our applications.


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