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19990925: not enough colors to run McIDAS GUI after closing Netscape

I have found an annoying problem that may really be 
a Solaris x86, or ATI video card, or Netscape problem.

Frequently after running Netscape and then closing it,
I get the "not enough colors error" when starting McIDAS
and I don't have enough colors to display sat images
with GARP.  This is with nothing else running when
starting either one.  The only commmon factor is that
I had just closed Netscape.  I try running Restart Workspace
Manager, but that does not do any good.  I have to logout
and back in to fix it.  I have not seen this on our Sparc,
but it has one of the 24/8 Raptor frame buffers so I
would not see it anyway.  

Any ideas?

>From address@hidden  Sun Sep 26 15:52:09 1999

This problem also occurs after using GARP.  I try to start
McIDAS and it tells me I don't have enough colors to start
the GUI even though I have closed GARP and nothing else is going.
I ahve to log out and back in to fix it.

Robert Mullenax
NSBF Meteorology

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