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19991020: ldmstats and printing with mcidasx

>From: alan anderson <address@hidden>
>Organization: St. Cloud State
>Keywords: 199910082015.OAA10268 McIDAS-X 7.60 ADDE SFCPLOT RAOBPLOT


>Things seem to have settled down here and are working again.


>One or two more items.
>1. Checking a little more on the mailing of our stats to unidata,
>   shows mail messages returned with the comment:
>   following address had fatal errors   address@hidden
>   550 address@hidden  Host unknown (Nameserver: mailhost.
>   stcloudstate.edu: host not found)
>   Do I need more info on how to identify the address 
>   address@hidden in my hosts file or do I need to provide
>   my campus mail admin. with some info?

I would talk to you campus mail admin.  Unfortunately, we will all be involved
in a retreat today, so Mike Schmidt will not be around to help you troubleshoot
this one.

>2. We are looking at text products with WXTLIST, and also with 
>   MCGUI using the Display icon at top, which puts up, say metars
>   on a GUI TEXT LISTER window.
>   Using WXTLIST  I can print ok using TFILE.  Is this the only option
>   when running WXTLIST?

Are you sending output directly to a printer or are you using TFILE to
send output to a text file that you then send to the printer.

>   Using the GUI and Display, resulting in a GUI TEXT LISTER, I tried the
>   printer icon and got a menu that asked for title.  When I selected print
>   I got a failure, with the message: couldn't execute enscript - 1R.
>   I could print if I save to a file and then print the file with a shell 
>   command.  What about printing right from the GUI ?

The printing in my GUI relies on enscript being available.  Using lpr
directly will not format text appropriately for a PostScript(tm) printer.
I will have to check with Mike Schmidt on why you don't have enscript
available to you.


Sorry I have to dash, but I am late on getting going to our retreat.


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