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19991013: problems on ATM12 and ATM23

>From: Erick Lorenz (address@hidden) <address@hidden>
>Organization: UC Davis
>Keywords: 199910011836.MAA28054 McIDAS-X DEC OSF/1 4.0F Tcl

I am contacting you since neither Erick Lorenz, nor his designated
contact (Sheri Immel) are responding to email (Erick is on vacation
until the 18th).  Erick Lorenz asked me to look in on both atm12 and
atm23 a few days back.  He also told me that a student assistant named
Sheri Immel would be available for problems, but she is not responding
to my emails.

On the 11th, atm23 apparently stopped processing data being received on
the Unidata IDD.  I can't login to the machine, but I can ping it from
atm12.  It is a possibility that the problems on atm23 have affected
the operation of atm12.  When I logged onto atm12 a couple of days ago,
I found hundreds of processes run as the user 'ldm' that should have
not been there (do a 'ps -eaf | grep ingetext').  I stopped the LDM and
tried to kill off the renegade processes (using a 'kill -9'), but they
won't die.  At about the same time, I noticed that 'syslogd' was not
running.  This may be the cause of other LDM woes that I see.

The question to you is whether or not you can get atm23 working again
(i.e. accepting logins); this may require a reboot.

The other question is whether or not you, as 'root', can kill the
renegade ingetext.k process and get syslogd running again.  Until these
two things are done, I can not restart the LDM which means that no
weather data will be ingested or be usable by the meteorology classes

Tom Yoksas

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