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19990922: McIDAS topographic imagery

>From: Mark Chambers <address@hidden>
>Organization: Universal Weather
>Keywords: 199909091334.HAA26569 Unidata McIDAS-X NOAAPORT NIDS topography


>Thank you for your prompt response concerning my NIDS question and how you 
>guys ingest that data into McIDAS. 

Since your last note, and since I said that the changes to my NIDS servers
should be trivial, I have added support for the unencrypted NOAAPORT NIDS
products to my servers.  The changes were pretty trivial as I had expected.
I will be showing this stuff as my site presentation at the upcoming
MUG meeting in Madison.

>I had another question.  I wanted to know how you do your topo maps.

We have a 9 MB topography image of the world (Mercator projection) from
which we create special views using IMGREMAP.

>Is that a dataset that I could get?

Sure.  I just stuck it out in the pub/mcidas directory that is accessible
by anonymous FTP from our FTP server ftp.unidata.ucar.edu.  The file
to grab in binary mode is AREA9000.

>I not looking to repackaging or reselling 
>the topo data itself in anyway.  I create a suite of products with McIDAS
>and other inhouse developed applications to support some of our customers.

No problem.  The topography image file is not copyrighted material.

>Thanks for your help.

You are welcome.

>Mark Chambers
>Impact Weather, Manager
>Universal Weather
>8787 Tallyho
>Houston, TX 77061
>Phone: 713-944-1622 ext 2204
>FAX: 713-943-4645
>Email: address@hidden

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